Developing or Customizing SOPs

TSOPshe purpose of a Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is to provide detailed instructions on how to carry out a task so that any employee can perform the task correctly every time.  In addition, SOPs can be used to facilitate training.  Having complete instructions helps trainers ensure that nothing is missed and provides a reference resource for trainees.


ProMetrix Training can assist you in developing or customizing your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


  • We believe in doing things with your people, not to your people. So, we include your employees in the conversation.  The team of people responsible for doing the work in the company needs to be actively involved in choosing the SOP procedures.  By getting the team’s input, you create buy-in.


  • A picture speaks a thousand words. ProMetrix Training includes images, graphs, and other visual content.  Most people are visual learners, so including these elements in the content helps ensure that employees can visualize, memorize and understand what the document is trying to communicate.


  • We focus on the reasons why we are creating SOPs. First, the procedures ensure that everyone on your team has discussed and come to an agreement on the best practices for your business.  Additionally, the SOP is a functional document that allows your team to record best practices and make adjustments when changes or failures materialize.  We also know these documents are critical to training new hires.  With these reasons in mind, we include the WHY behind why specific steps are included.


  • We believe SOPs are living documents and should routinely be updated. Business is ever changing, which is why your SOPs need to change too.  Simply putting an SOP on a shelf accomplishes nothing.  We encourage you and your employees to feel comfortable making changes and addendums based on the current needs of your business.  We can either show you how edits can be made or we can make the changes for you.



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