Estimate Calibration Surveys

Training estimators how to determine judgment times is challenging. Add several estimators across multiple locations and it becomes, even more, challenging for collision repairers tDamaged Caro gain consistency on their estimates and ensure they are capturing every dollar available.


The Estimate Calibration Service can help collision repairers:

  • Understand what their estimators are currently charging on body straightening, plastic repair and other judgment time operations
  • Understand what their estimators believe is included versus not included in the repair times
  • Gain consensus on repair times so there is consistency between estimators and locations
  • Highlight which estimators have the greatest repair time variances
    so they can be coached


The Estimate Calibration Service consists of three online surveys presented in Survey Monkey, a cloud-based, online survey development system.  Each survey focuses on
a different repair topic:

  • Survey 1: Fit and Finish / Plastic Repair
  • Survey 2: Feather, Prime and Block / Materials
  • Survey 3: Quarter Panel Repair


Your estimators will receive an email with a web link asking them to complete the survey.  Each survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and covers seven (7) different vehicles.  The estimators will read a brief description of the vehicle damage and review photos of the damaged vehicle.  Based on this information, the estimators will be asked up to 5 questions related to that repair, including how much repair time (book time) is appropriate.  The estimators will receive feedback after they answer each question. This feedback helps estimators self-correct and adjust their repair times as they proceed through the survey.