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Here is a great article by I-CAR on post-repair calibration essentials! Remember, it'sn NOT just about scanning! It is also about the recalibrations required to return the vehicle to pre-accident condition.
I-CAR guest column: Post-repair calibration essential for safety If you have never visited Toyota’s website you need to! The information that they have available for FREE is amazing! All of their position statements, CRIB bulletins, and their Collision Pro’s magazine is truly amazing stuff! YOU MUST review this website ASAP… Kudos to Toyota for making all of this so readily available!
Tech Info | Toyota Collision Repair Training | CR&R
Eight seconds: That’s the time you have to grab an employee’s attention. Five minutes: That’s how long you can hold it. Both are down by 50 percent in 10 years. Twenty-one: That’s the number of times per hour people shift attention between smartphone, tablet, and laptop. What’s causing this attention deficit problem? Every day hundreds of emails, chats, texts, notifications, calls, and meetings compete for your employees’ attention. What tool can you use to grab and keep their attention? Game-based learning. Games complement and improve the effectiveness of traditional training.
Looking for more information on Recalibrations and using a Scan Tool? Here is a great article from Body Shop Business.
Technical: Recalibration – A Mandatory Procedure
No light on the dash no longer means a car's systems are back to normal after a crash repair, which is why recalibration is a must.
Drowsy drivers can cause a danger on the roads. Check out this article that shows the new features vehicle manufacturers have designed to counter this.
Drowsy-driving dangers
Nearly 83.6 million sleep-deprived Americans are driving every day. And it’s taking a toll — an estimated 5,000 lives were lost in drowsy driving-related crashes in 2015.